Infinite Power
In Tune with the Infinite!

Every human body has a microwave frequency sensitivity which is not only very sensitive but also reflective. Any change in the inner or outer field of the body is diagnosed immediately by the swing of the pendulum. With the help of dowsing, disturbances in the in the Auric energy fields, can be detected and this gives an assessment of the root cause of the disease, progress of the disease and the level at which it is occurring.


The body of a human being consisting of not only the physical body which we see with our eyes and feel with our senses but it also comprises of an invisible frame known to consisting of, THE PHYSICAL, THE ETHEREAL, THE ASTRAL, THE CAUSAL AND THE MENTAL dimensions that are invisible. These are the magnetic and auricle energy fields of the body.


Pendulum is the investigating tool based on energy levels. Dowsing is defined as the study of energy Fields of a Patient on which base different organs of body’s functioning can be judged.


Collegian disorder, Allergies, Skin & Respiratory, Gastro disorder, Bronco, Asthma, Nerve disorder, Obesity, Gynec problem disorder & even periodic General care and Immunity growth.

The categories of medicines used are Homeopathy Flower Remedy, Herbal remedy & all are customized according to patient’s disease & energy.